Al Ameer

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Al Ameer

The true Sultan of the modern times graces not a sword but an indomitable spirit and a heart brimful of chivalry. Embodying this modern Sultan’s persona is Al Ameer by Mocemsa. Every time the essence escapes the bottle, drops a curtain of masculine humility and charm, revealing behind it the true gentleman, the Al Ameer, magnificent not by position but by personal grace! To the man who has invested a lifetime being cultured, Mocemsa sends its salute in a fragrant envelope addressed to none other than.. the Al Ameer

TOP NOTES: Black Cardamom, White Pepper, Geranium Egypt

HEART NOTES: Cedarwood Virginia, Indian Papyrus, Turkish Rose Oil, Frankisense Oil

BASE NOTES: Hinoki Wood, Mysore Sandalwood, Cistus Absolute, Cambodian Oud

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