1. Does Perfume Smell Different On Different People?

Yes. Every human has a specific body chemistry, which affects how different notes react. Things that affect the natural fragrance/smell of a human skin like hormonal changes, stress levels, food, medication can change the way a given perfume smell.

2. Can I Make Perfume Last Larger?

Perfumes offered by Mocemsa last for a very long time as they are Eau de Parfum. In general, perfume applied onto dry skin evaporates very fast. If you do not wish that to happen then you can apply an unscented cream or petroleum jelly to your skin so that it doesn’t evaporate so quickly and last long. Another tip that can be tried is applying a little perfume to your hair, whichretains scent longer as compared to skin.

3.What Do You Mean By Eau De Parfum, Eau De Cologne, Eau De Toilette, Etc?

These are terms used to define strength of fragrance, which also indicates about the grade of alcohol and water that have been mixed with fragrance oils to form a perfume. Given below are some categories of fragrances, along with the percentage of perfume oil used respectively)

  • Eau Fraiche – Uses 3% or less perfume oils
  • Eau de Cologne – Uses 3 – 5% perfume oils
  • Eau de Toilette – Uses 5 – 15% perfume oils
  • Eau de Parfum – Uses 15- 25% perfume oils

Most perfume companies confuse customers who have little knowledge about process of perfume making. With little understanding you can get to know about the quality of these perfume types.


4.What Do You Mean By "Notes" In Case of Perfumes?

Notes in case of perfumes is a term borrowed from music language. They refer to the olfactory impression or imprint left by a single smell. There are three parts of any quality perfume which are referred to as the three notes of the perfume

  • Top Note
  • Middle Note
  • Base Note

Top notes are responsible for creating the first impression of any perfume once applied to skin. These are characterized by being lighter and more volatile fragrances that evaporate quickly as compared to middle and base notes. Top notes mostly last for 5 to 30 minutes or even longer in some cases. Middle notes ,which are sometimes also known as ‘heart notes’, are known to form the body of any perfume. They can show their effect right at the initial stage of application of perfume but usually take around 10-30 minutes in fully coming to their fragrance character on skin. Middle notes are responsible for classifying the fragrance families e.g. oriental, floral etc. Base notes are known to have the highest molecular weight when compared to top and middle notes. They help in slowing down the evaporation thus giving more holding or retaining power to the perfume. Their effect on olfactory senses last the longest. Some commonly uses base notes are woody, vanilla, musk etc. You can also come across linear fragrances, which does not have top, middle and base notes classification.

5. What Do You Mean By Fragrance Families?

Fragrance families simply refer to the grouping of various scents. In perfumery industry, perfumers use various classification systems to define these families but most consider the below mentioned as the major families when it comes to fragrance:

  • Green
  • Aldehydic
  • Floral
  • Chypre
  • Oriental
  • Leather
  • Fougere
  • Aquatic
  • Marine
  • Balsamic
  • Woody
  • Ozonic
  • Fruity
  • Citrus

6. What Is The Shelf Life Of A Perfume ?

A decent perfume can last for many years if stored properly under ideal temperature conditions. The bottling of perfumes also plays a major role in this case. It must be kept away from light and heat. A covered box or a dark and dry closet serves as the best place to keep perfume bottles. One tip to increase the shelf-life and maintain the quality of fragrance is to keep it in the refrigerator.

7. Are Perfume, Scent and Fragrance All Different In Their Meaning?

There is no difference at all. These three terms can be used interchangeably. The word ‘perfume’ has its origin from a Latin word ‘per fumus’ which translates to ‘through smoke’. Fragrance is commonly used term in the United States and within the perfume industry.

8. Is It Okay If A Woman Wears Men's Fragrance And Vice Versa?

It is perfectly alright. In ancient times, there was no categorization of perfumes and they were not based upon genders. For sure some of fragrances are suited to specific gender but using a perfume is more of a personal choice than just following the trend. There are no rights and wrongs when it comes to perfumes. It is simply a matter of taste and preference. Choosing a perfume should be a personal choice and you should always explore the likings of your olfactory senses. The more fragrances you explore, the more you get to know about your olfactory preferences.

9. How Many Perfumes Should One have In Personal Collection?

Collection of perfumes is like collection any other prized possession such as jewelry or wines. Perfumes of high quality add up to your collection and help you in choosing a perfume for a specific mood or event. There is no objective answer to this query. It all depends upon your taste and how frequent you use perfumes.

10. What Does Niche Perfume Stand For?

Niche in case of perfumes is referred to exceptional and very special fragrances that are difficult to get. Niche perfumes are costly as they are not commonly found. Perfumers developing niche perfumes may take years to develop one. In modern times, niche perfumes have gained a lot of popularity in olfactory world. (catering to a specific palate)

11. Where Should I Buy Perfume From ?

To avoid any frauds and getting cheated with duplicate products or first copies you must always buy from the company outlet/website or some reputed retailer if they have the perfume of your choice.

12. How Can I Select A Perfume For Someone As A Gift?

Fragrances make a wonderful gift. It is one gifting item that has been popular in old days and is still in fashion. The reason is simple – a good perfume will always be remembered and can be used for a very long time. It also speaks volumes about your taste. The only thing you will need to know before gifting a perfume to someone is– the personality traits of the individual.Else, If you know a little about the person’s perfume preferences, then itsno big deal. Mocemsa describes every perfume in a detailed manner giving insights into its character. This helps you a lot in addressing the confusion.

13. Why Are Perfumes So Expenseive?

Creation of perfumes like paintings or well-crafted musical instruments takes a lot of patience and passion. The raw materials used in case of high-quality perfumes are rare and exceptional. The efforts of a perfumer are no less than a celebrated musician. Such an art is priceless, the price tags are just an opportunity for the fragrance lovers to give it a try and fall in love with the scent. Smell has tremendous power. It can make you fall in love, can uplift your mood, build up your confidence and most importantly give a new dimension to your personality altogether.

14. How Much Perfume Should One Wear?

This is a personal choice but do remember this tip that application must be adequate. It should be neither too much nor very less. Experiment with different application quantities and take opinions from your close friends or family members. Their feedbacks will help you in choosing the right quantity. It is always important to note how people around you react to the perfume.

15. Is It Okay To Wear Multiple Perfumes At A Single Time?

Every perfume has its own character and the combination of top, middle and base notes play a major role in building it up. You should never be afraid of experimenting but sometimes overdoing may lead to yousmelling strange. You would not like to see a rose smell like marigold!

16. How Long Can A Perfume Last?

Fragrances are different. How long they last depend upon the kind of ingredients that have been used by the nose or perfumer. There are perfumes that last for few hours and then there are some that will last long for even days. In the case of Mocemsa, the perfumes offered by the brand are made to last and leave impressions of top, middle and base notes for a very long time.

17. Why Cannot I Smell My Own Perfume?

If you use the same perfume on daily basis, over a period of time your olfactory senses get adapted to it. It is also known asolfactory habituation in which response to a smell decreases with time. Smelling pure wool or coffee beans might help you to smell the fragrance but be assured that people you meet after application of the perfume will be able to smell what you are wearing for the day.

18. Is Perfume Capable Of Changing One's Mood ?

Of course! The power of smell has amazing capabilities and just like seeing something nice or eating something delicious makes you go wow, a perfume can easily lift your mood or even make you fall in love with someone. The science behind this is known as aromachology. Therefore, you see people of taste having a complete wardrobe of perfumes. The collection is intended to set the perfect mood for any given occasion. The more you know the detailing of fragrances, more easily you can decide the smell that is made for the mood you want to be in.

19. How Can I Choose My Perfect Perfume?

Perfumes have their own character just like us humans. It can become difficult at times to choose a perfume of your interest. What you can do is explore fragrance families, get to know the differences between them. Select the ones that make you feel good. There is always an olfactory connection that perfumes establish with humans. Exploring thus is the key and remember every well blended and invented perfume is perfect or extraordinary in its own way.

20. How Do I Try A Fragrance In A Correct Manner?

The best way is to apply a light quantity to your wrist (just under your palm area). A tip is to not smell it directly but to let it come to life. With the passage of time, notes make an introduction in the order of top, middle and base. It is only after hours of application that you get to know the actual character of any perfume so never decide in hurry.

21. How Many Smells Can A Person Diffrentiate?

Perfumers have exceptional olfactory sense but on average, a normal human can easily differentiate between 5000 to 10000 smells. Sometimes it depends on knowledge and exposure to smell. A film named Perfume- The Story of Murderer depicts this very nicely in which the lead character when born is exposed to a variety of smells and can differentiate between them. Only after he grows young and travel to other places he gets to know different smells and acquires more knowledge about them.

22. Are Some Perfumes Aphrodisiac?

There is no scientific evidence of perfumes being aphrodisiac i.e. something that stimulates sexual desire but perfumes have a linkage to sexuality in some cases. Per science, hormones named as pheromones act as sexual attractants in cases of animals and even humans. As such perfume gives you a confidence that you are smelling good and everyone would like his/her partnerto smell that way.

23. What Are Pulse Points?

These are places where you can feel your pulse. They are important when applying perfume. The major pulse points of the body are temple (portion of head behind eyes and near to ears), neck, behind knees, earlobes, elbows and wrists.

24. Why Do People Like Some Smells And Dislike Others?

It is a matter of preference and the answer lies in the person’s genetic make-up. Every human is programmed as per genes and develops liking or disliking for smells or scents around him/her. There exists what we can refer as ‘smell-bank’ for every living person. As you start exploring perfumes, you get to know the wonders of your olfactory sense. Liking or disliking a perfume is therefore an individual choice and varies from person to person.

25. Is Fragrance Related To Feelings?

Yes, very much. Scents trigger associative memories and can take us back to memories of events or feelings that we experienced in past. It may be related to people we met, places we’ve been to and even more. Each time we smell something the information is collected and stored in our brain. The same is reignited upon olfactory sensation with the same fragrance.

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